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    I. Company profile

    Huaxi Biotechnologyis a well-known biotechnology company and bioactive materials company. It focuses on polysaccharides and amino acids that help human health, and is committed to bringing a healthy, beautiful and happy new life experience to humans.


    The company is a hyaluronic acid industrial chain platform company integrating R & D, production and sales. Microbial fermentation production of hyaluronic acid is in an advantageous position. Relying on two major technology platforms of microbial fermentation and cross-linking, the company has established a full industrial chain business system of bioactive materials from raw materials to medical end products, functional skin care products, and food, serving the global manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food. Enterprises, medical institutions and end users.


    For a long time, Huaxi Bio believes that the vitality of the company comes from continuous innovation and continuous profitability. By establishing the core position of the company in the industrial chain, supply chain and value chain, it guarantees the realization of the medium and long-term strategic goals. Through the two core technology platforms of microbial fermentation and cross-linking, relying on the company's scientific and technological capabilities and product strength, it is committed to becoming the industry standard setter and leader; relying on the company's market power, it has become a key link in the control chain of the supply chain. Relying on the company's scientific and technological power, product power, and market power to build corporate competitiveness and become the core hub for optimal resource allocation on the value chain.


    Technology and innovation are the guarantee for the healthy development of Huaxi Biological, as well as the new momentum for the company's rapid development. In the past 20 years, Huaxi Biological has insisted on building its brand power with scientific and technological strength, and actively strengthened its technological innovation strength. On November 6, 2019, Huaxi Biological successfully landed in the science and technology creation edition, and opened a new chapter in innovation and development!


    In the future, Huaxi Biological will continue to build corporate competitiveness with technology, product and market power as its core, and use core biotechnology to develop better bioactive material and its related end products to make it more suitable for humans. The healthy and beautiful life of China has played a greater role in making good products that make Chinese confident and become a good company that the world respects.


    Special proposition one


    Proposition unit: Huaxi Biotechnology limited liability company

    Product name: Runbaiyan Water Bright Translucent Moisturizing Sub-Polishing Liquid 30 sticks




    Brand Tonality: Biotechnology Skin Care


    Brand introduction: Runbaiyan series of skin care products, relying on Huaxi Bio's research strength of more than 20 years of hyaluronic acid, based on hyaluronic acid, using HA + biological skin rejuvenation technology, so that the active ingredients and hyaluronic acid synergistic effect, according to different skin problems, hierarchical care, Committed to providing accurate skin solutions for every beauty. The product pays attention to reliable and efficient characteristics. With fragrance-free, pigment-free and preservative-free products, it has been recognized and loved by many dermatologists.


    Product introduction: Runbaiyan Water Bright Translucent Moisturizing Sub-Polishing Liquid is a popular new product of Runbaiyan brand, also known as water light bullet essence, using B · F · S aseptic filling technology, 0 additions, 0 anti-corrosion, fresh strength. The ratio of three core ingredients, gold, solves the three major skin problems of dryness, roughness, and dullness. Extravagantly adds Huaxi's patented ingredient Nano HA (also called miniHA), and adds licorice to the synergy effect of whitening gold Bright and moist; Add resurrection grass extract, synergistically lock water, achieve water hydration and lock water micro-circulation, moisturizing and hydrating, smooth and delicate, bright and uniform.

    产品介绍:润百颜水光盈透保湿次抛原液为润百颜品牌人气新品,又称为“水光弹精华”,采用B·F·S无菌灌装技术,0添加、0防腐、鲜活实力。三种核心成分黄金配比,解决干燥、粗糙、黯黄三大肌肤问题,奢量添加华熙生物专利成分纳诺HA(又叫miniHA),添加光甘草定这一“美白黄金”协同功效,亮泽润透; 添加复活草提取物,协同锁水,达到“补水锁水“微循环 ,保湿补水、光滑细嫩、焕采匀亮。

    Product selling point: water! bright! through! Like the effect of water light needle!


    Purchase method: Uniform Youzan purchase (internal exclusive price)



    30 sets of water-transmitting and moisturizing secondary throwing stock solution, scan code to buy 239.6 yuan


    Communication \ Marketing Purpose:

    1. Strengthen the brand image of Runbaiyan Biotechnology skin care positioning, and establish a popular new product-the water-light translucent moisturizing secondary polishing liquid-the professional image of the domestic gold-water treatment standard.

    2. Carry forward the spirit of supporting domestic products, and let the whole world come together to experience the progress of China's science and technology.

    3. Extending from product benefits to emotional benefits, arousing consumer resonance and improving brand favorability.





    Suggested inclusion

    1. The work requires originality, encourages innovation, and rejects vulgarity.

    2. The work must reflect the Runbaiyan brand logo, combined with the Runbaiyan brand / product attributes, and conform to the post-90 / 95/00 aesthetics.

    3. The product picture should be reflected in the work, and product features should be added according to the content of the work.





    The proposition requires that:

    Around the theme: 'The brilliance of national products  ' (can diverge thinking, but need to be centered around the water light bullet essence can also be combined with the three core ingredients to create)



    围绕主题: '国货之光润百颜'(可发散思维,但需围绕“水光弹精华”也可结合三大核心成分进行创作)

    1. Proposition category: [Fashion Micro Video]


    Creation in China is already a topic of worldwide concern. Whether it is an unforgettable old Chinese product or a rising new Chinese product, they are gradually moving towards the center of the world, letting the whole world experience the power of Chinese technology and skin care.

    (The video format requires vertical format shooting, and the work time must be no less than 60s)



    Reference direction 1: Creative short video

    In the form of sitcoms or brain holes, the creative expression of brand or product characteristics. The format can be live shooting, hand-painting, animation, mixed material cutting, etc. It can be targeted at the young vibrato communication platform and creatively create exclusive communication content, which can quickly attract attention in a short period of time and enhance users' impression of the product And favorability.



    Reference Direction 2: Product Efficacy

    For Runbaiyan Water Bright Translucent Moisturizing Sub-Polish Water! bright! through! Efficacy selling points, clearly expressing contemporary women's aspirations for skin, launching interesting and creative videos, and creating video videos based on current social hot topics, thereby improving product awareness and memory points.



    2. Proposition category: [Fashion Photography]


    The creation of Runbaiyan Water Bright Translucent Moisturizing Sub-Polishing Liquid is designed to be vivid and easy to spread, and can be widely used in various media platforms.


    Reference Direction 1: Brand Art Visual Photo

    Around the pure people / landscapes / objects, shoot artistic artistic pictures that can express the beauty of the face.



    Reference direction 2: Product scene posing

    Combining brand tonal shooting to create creative and good-looking products.



    Reference direction 3: Emotional communication poster

    Starting from the brand concept, it has insight into women and daily life scenarios, and creates a series of communication posters for communicating with female users.



    3. Proposition category: [Fashion pattern category]


    It is in line with the theme of brand tone and proposition, which is convenient for online communication and can arouse social attention and discussion. The form can be unlimited, such as graphic design and hand-painted painting. It must have a storyline, perspective, and diffusion.

    Reference direction: Graphic design

    Starting from the brand concept, insight into women and daily life scenes, expressing Runbaiyan's support for women's emotions, reflecting the power of women, reflecting the young people's pursuit of beauty, and conceiving fashion patterns with storylines, perspectives and diffusion.




    Brand logo:




    1. The overall style of the entries is stylish and modern, with strong innovation, artistry, and fashion. It must not involve political, pornographic, violent, discriminatory content, and must not violate the provisions of the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

    2. All entries are suggested to be works after July 1, 2019, and must be original. Participants shall bear the legal consequences due to plagiarism and plagiarism of other people ’s intellectual property rights or copyright disputes. The work must not be submitted for multiple submissions. The organizing committee has the rights to print, publish, publicize and use the pictures of the entries.

    3. Contestants should pay attention to the news of the progress of the competition issued by the competition official, and keep the mobile phone unblocked, so that the staff can communicate and communicate the competition information.




    Registration and Contact Information

    Participants will submit high-resolution photos and micro-video links of the entries on the competition's official website for online registration of works, fill in relevant information as required, and wait for background approval after submission. The submission period is from  November 10, 2020 to April 10, 2021.


    1、2020.11.10-2021.4.10 赛事发布、稿件征集、校园推广、学生创作、教师指导

    2、2021.4中旬 大赛初评、网络投票

    3、2021.5上旬 大赛终评

    4、2021.5.10前 获奖作品邮寄(寄件日期为准)

    5、2021.5月下旬 盛典晚会(如因不可抗因素由线下改为线上)


    1.Event release, manuscript collection, campus promotion, student creation, teacher guidance: November 10th, 2020-April 10th, 2021

    2.Contest preliminary evaluation, online voting: In the mid of April, 2021

    3.Final evaluation: In late of May 10th, 2020

    4.Mailing of winning works (the date of delivery shall prevail): before May 10th, 2020

    5.Gala: Late May, 2021 (Such as changing from offline to online due to force majeure)



    1. Hua Xi Biology Special Proposition Design Award 3 (39800 Study Abroad)

    (1 person for fashion micro video class, 1 person for fashion photography class, 1 person for fashion pattern class)

    1.“华熙生物”专项命题设计大奖3人 (39800海外游学)


    2. Awards for each event category:

    (1) Fashion photography:

    Runbaiyan Best Visual Effects Award (1 person, bonus: 8000 yuan)

    Runbaiyan Best Fashion Creative Award (1 person, bonus: 8000 yuan)

    Runbaiyan Most Commercial Value Award (1 person, bonus: 8000 yuan)






    (2) Fashion patterns:

    Runbaiyan Best Brand Design Award (1 person, bonus: 8000 yuan)

    Runbaiyan Best Fashion Creative Award (1 person, bonus: 8000 yuan)

    Runbaiyan Most Commercial Value Award (1 person, bonus: 8000 yuan)





    (3) Fashion micro video category:

    Runbaiyan Best Internet Popularity Award (1 person, bonus: 8000 yuan)

    Runbaiyan Best Video Creative Award (1 person, prize: 8000 yuan)

    Runbaiyan Most Commercial Value Award (1 person, bonus: 8000 yuan)








    From April 10-April 30, 2021, the first and final evaluation stages will be based on the combination of Internet voting + expert review.


    Competition official website: http://sssd2020.cfw.cn


    Contacts: Teacher Lan (0316-3380072), Teacher Zhang (0316-3092020)


    Official website question consultation hotline: 0579-89173025







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