Search Engine Ranking is not enough for a successful blog

Good and attracting titles are the main things that brings difference in search engine ranking and visitor’s click performances. Whether you are maintaining a blog or website your main intention being same to get Search Engine ranking for most searches and consequently you would like the visitors to click and visit your site.

Search Engine Ranking is not enough.

You may get rank in search engines with better SEO practice on your blogs or website but even higher Search Engine Ranking never guarantee that visitor will click on your site link among those displayed in the search result. This may certainly depress you but its the truth.

Lets have a little dig to the cause behind such incidence.

Search Engine Ranking has nothing to do with human emotion or human instinct. It is based on some algorithm setup differently by different websites. If you have related keywords placed properly in title, having original Jasminlive content with proper keyword density and other properly implemented SEO factors then no one can resist you from getting higher search engine ranking. So, though its a matter of quite wise implementation of SEO factors on blogs and websites for attaining Search Engine ranking.

Clicking on a link by selecting it from search engine ranking result for visiting a blog or website is purely human instinct dependent. So, there needs to be something special on your blog or website to attract a visitor to click on your site to visit it. Good titles of a blog or website can catch attention of visitors and compel them to click.

Why Search Engine visitors are not clicking on your top ranking article?

It is not that Search Engine visitors just keep on clicking serially each and every site links appearing on the search result. On the contrary, people are still very choosy while selecting the articles to visit among the first result page of the search engine. This may really upset you when you have done much to get ranked on the first page of any search engine but people are still not clicking on your article.

This has simple logic beyond such behaviour of search engine visitors. The web is constantly getting over crowded with tonnes of information every hour but most of then are non useful information either being copied or having plagiarised content on it. So people have got choosy even while they are making selection from the very first page of any search engine result. They are always using their instinct while clicking on some article for their desired information.

How you can induce Search Engine visitors to click on your article?

So, there is two simple strategy to follow for compelling them clicking on your article.

1. Write best title for your article – Title of the article is the very first thing that comes to the sight of any Livejasmin visitor on the search engine resulting page. The interesting title helps your article to stand alone from the crowd to catch attention of the search engine visitors. They will start clicking to grab your article if your title describes your whole post in simple phrase and promise something offering to their readers. Increase your knowledge about "how to write best title for blogs or websites.?"

2. Write effective description – The description shows as snippets in search engine result. It contains up to 160 character. This is the next very important thing that the visitors pay their attention to before clicking on to visit the website. Though in absence of description by the author of the title Google and other search engines supplies the most relevant snippet for the article on the search pages below the title but it is expected that a good author should always create the best effective description for the article page within 160 character, so that the description would tell the whole summary of the article. This will help the visitors to decide whether they should click on your article or not.

Thus searching ranking is not enough for making a blog successful. The best attractive title along with the description text will do the rest of the job for compelling the visitors to click on your article.

Factors, why Google put ban on a blog

Google and all other search engines generally hates banning a blog or website. But these search engines are dedicated to make internet a useful and informative place to help the visitors searching information on the web. Google has their own terms and webmaster guidelines that should be follow to get rank on their search engines. Avoiding or manipulating these terms and guidelines will resulting in serious consequences of penalizing or banning. There are several factors that are responsible for getting your site ban on Google.

Factors responsible for Google ban on a blog / website.

Hidden text - Many bloggers starts trying Black Hat SEO strategy in a hurry to get more visitors and highest page rank. They use to put non related texts on their pages which are not visible to readers as they are being perfectly blended with background with same colour. Some non expert SEO makers are trying to stuff keywords with the same blending technique, so that the presence of those words does not affect the reading fluency. But the Google spiders are smart enough to trace these text out and may put ban on your live sex chat blog.

Cloaking – This is one of the smart Black Hat SEO techniques that many bloggers or SEO experts adopt to attract visitors to their page in wicked manner. In this technique, the content being served to user’s browser is completely different from what is being served to the search engine spiders. This misleads search engines in serving the most relevant content to its user and consequently the users lands to the page by clicking on the search results they are not searching for. Hence if Google search engines can trace it out, your site will be at the risk of getting permanent banned by Google.

Doorway pages – This is again another well known technique of Black Hat SEO, in which the users are taken away from their relevant search to some non related pages by prompting the re-direction to that page. This is also a form of cloaking. So, in an attempt to do SEO, don’t just fall trap to Black Hat SEO.

Duplicate content – Duplicacy of content falls under one of the serious crimes adapted frequently to flood the web. The internet is a place where 90% of the content you are visiting are those you may have encountered earlier. They are exact carbon copy from other websites. Though Google doesn’t ban the sites for copying from non copyrighted sites but if you are copying content from sites having their copyright, then your site is at high risk of getting banned.

Automated activities on site – Many bloggers are in a hurry to increase contents on their blog and thats why they use automated softwares to create contents for them. The automated content writing softwares creates plagiarised contents taken from various sites. They also use automatic link submission and clicking on ads. Remember that automated submission and clicking is against Google terms.

Avoid link exchange with non trusted sites – Link exchange is a part of White Hat SEO, but it has some rules and limitations to follow. Do not exchange links with earlier banned sites or any prone sites, spamming sites. All these contribute nothing to your site but can place your site in a position of getting banned as in SEO community these types of sites are known as “bad neighbours”. Do exchange link with relevant sites having higher PR than you. Perform thoro check up about the site information you are linking with.

How to remove ban on your site once it gets in?

Once you get ban unwillingly doing something for SEO, then you have to recheck all the factors present on your site responsible for it. The best way to do ethical SEO on your site or blog to learn all about SEO, its types. After that you have to rectify all the problem causing issues and resubmit it to Google through Google Webmaster Tools for reconsideration. If everything will be perfect, you can hope that Google may start indexing your site again by removing the ban. But it may take time or may not be accepted for re-consideration. So, its better to take care of the factors so that your blog or website should not be at such risk level.

Use Synonym keywords – avoid keyword stuffing

Keyword density and keyword stuffing has a very delicate demarkation line to differentiate between. SEO experts are in constant effort to increase the keyword density within safe limit as mentioned in Google webmaster guidelines, but still there exist some risk to cross the LOC and get penalized by monster Google. But there is always a safe strategy of using synonym keywords in the content to increase keyword density without falling trap in keyword stuffing and safely increasing content relevancy with the search terms.

What is synonym keyword for search?

For a long time Google use to search contents and decides relevancy of the content based on keyword stemming. It means that you can use keyword in phrase or individual but that should consist of a part of the primary keyword. For example if you type the keyword RUN, Google will return you with results of run, runs, running etc. Notice that the keyword has the term RUN.

The main disadvantage of this keyword stemming is that it is Google who sets this kind of algorithm for deciding the relevancy of th content for displaying them on search result. But about 75% of total net users does not know about how search engines work nor about their algorithm. So, you never know what the users would type to search the content related to your blog. So, this problem must have to be sorted out to make the search more relevant not only in the eyes of Google but to the eyes of the end users. This is where synonym comes into play. Google has worked much and at last they succeed to implement synonyms in their search algorithm

The advantage of usig synonym keyword or related terms in your content to increase keyword density is that it increases the chances to rank your content for the most related searches because you never know that what people are going to type while searching for the content related to your site and the best part is that you are always playing safe for getting trapped in the risk of crossing the LOC of keyword density into keyword stuffing for the repeated words.

Synonym keywords from SEO point of view.

SEO if broken into its simple existence will reveals its components as “RELEVANCE + IMPORTANCE”. By the term relevance Google tends to establish relevancy of your site’s content with the search terms and if it finds your content as more relevant than others then it will display your contents on the top of search results. Now if you are trying to increasing the density of a specific keyword by repeating it several times then may be you are at risk of crossing safe limit and the other thing that is more possible is that you hardly get advantage of ranking for the search terms synonym or related to the keyword you have selected because you have not used it in your content.

When it comes to importance, then also using synonym has extra advantage. It helps others to get link to your jasmin live site for those different terms present in their sites. Thus increasing your keywords and the site’s importance as well for the synonym keywords thus helping your blogs to get at the top of SERP. Since the rule of thumb about keyword density is that it should be somewhere between 3-7% on the page, it is always better to play on the safe side of increasing the keyword density avoiding keyword stuffing using synonym keywords and taking extra advantage for that.

Free Vs Paid blogging

Wordpress, Blogger,Janga, Typepad, Live journal etc provides the various free blogging services available to all. It really does makes a natural sense to select the use of free blogging services as you are not interested to spend money for blogging only because free offer is available there.

In my opinion I would suggest free blogging services as best for those who are either blogging fo personal reasons, student, novice to blogging, blogging by hobby, only want to put your views though blogging before the world, eager to earn from blogging on, hubpages etc through Google Adsense and other advertising solutions online.

But if you are blogging for business promotion, making your own identity through blogging or branding a product/ company or some other purpose of professional blogging as photography or cooking class blogging etc I should advice you to wait a little and re-think about your decision on using a free blogging service.

As a general rule any type advantages always comes with some sort of disadvantages. But these disadvantages may become your priority to remove away and you may not dare to ignore them.

Advantages of free blogging services.

1. Free blogging has the greatest advantage of being free without any yearly renewal costing.

2. You can setup as many blogs as you wish without hesitation and thinking over the costing factors of creating a new blog as it is free.

3. Tech supports are available for the biased modifications in the blog.

4. Account creation and starting a blog usually takes even less than 5 minutes.

5. Free themes and templates are already available to design and redesign your blog theme whenever you wish.

6. There are many more advantages based on the free blogging services you would like to use.

But despite of all these advantages, the using of free blogging services always comes with one prime disadvantage.

1. While you are using free blogging services the url of your blog will always have the extension of the free blogging services you are using. For example if you are using or as free blogging service then the blog url you get would always look like this, . This is one thing that doesn’t sounds professional neither it creates any brand impression for those who are using blogging services for promoting their business or company, product or brand name. This type of blog can never achieve the credibility of your service users or product users. This will spread an impression that you are not serious about your business, company, product or brand. This type of thinking makes a sense, as your service or product user will always expect the best products or services from you or your company/ brand. The best service always comes after paying the best price for it. Now if you don’t even have as little money for promoting yourself, your company/ brand then how would your service users can expect the best support from you incase they have to suffer some sort of problem from your product or services. It only seems that you don’t have enough base upon your business due to financial crisis and you are trying to make money without proper investment, may be by cheating them someway. So, despite of your hard work and applying best blogging tricks your business will less likely to get promote.

2. Free blogging services has many drawbacks or restrictions in respect of changing the theme. Blogger has its own problem of template setup, where as has its own limitation of selecting the themes from what present in its library. You cannot upload it from third party theme collection, ofcourse this restriction is due to security purpose.

3. When you are using free blogging service, you have not gained full control over every features and you have to compromise with the available features there. You cannot have the permission of installing every thing that you want your blog should have.

4. While using the free blogging service few of them would not allow you to earn by blogging about affiliate programmes, few other have no options of installing your own Google Adsense code to help you earning from your own blog.

5. Some of them may allow you for earning from your own blogging in their hosting but with the cost of sharing your earned revenue as long as you continue to blog there.

6. Even the most worse will be the condition in near future when after successful blogging and gathering huge blog fan reader, if you decide to purchase your own domain for self hosted blogging you will definitely loose most of the readers despite of all your efforts of redirecting the old url with 301 redirection only due to new domain url which most of them will start ignoring.

7. You will loose your Google page rank due to redirecting the content to a new domain which will take time to gain the page rank.

8. If you are not technically sound about coding and redirecting all your existing pages then possibilities are there that either you will choose to left the blog with the existing matters which will force your blog to death due to lack of refreshing materials or you would like to copy the matters to your new blog for which Google will penalize your page ranking of new blog as being copied from some where.

9. Using free blogging service will restrict to their terms of uploading space, content material type. You are bound to get obeyed by their changes of terms without informing you.

10. You should keep prepare yourself that your blog may be subjected to removal at their wish whenever they like it to do.

So, self hosted paid blogging is always the best option and has many advantage over free blogging in long run. But you should have to keep few points in mind before starting a paid blogging services.

1. When you have decided for self hosted paid blogging service then you should remember that you should be technically strong in the web coding because it is you who is in the whole blogging now. Though you can get many sites for trouble shooting starting from installation up to blogging.

2. If you are not sound, you should hier a webmaster for setting up your blog.

3. You should be prepared for yearly renewal of domain & hosting services.

4. If you are not serious about blogging or taking your blog to the next level of blogging then opting for paid blogging service will soon prove to be total wastage of money and energy for you.

Search Engine ranking and visibility

Search engine ranking or getting visible at the top of SERP is the ultimate target of any blogger or web-master. Though it is a tough job to achieve 100% success but not impossible.

A little grey matter can help you in this process. To understand it clearly that how people finds our blog and how does Search engine helps in the process we have to start thinking the way a blog visitor thinks before getting on your blog. First of all you have to keep in mind that keyword selection and quality content are the two aspects that you can’t ignore for Search engine ranking and visibility to get to your potential visitors.

Keyword analysis is necessary

Before start writing just because some topic or issue hits your mind you should have to do a little keyword analysis. The keyword analysis has some basic rules to follow. Think as if you are a visitor browsing web searching for something that you are intended to write about. List down the followings on notepad for future reference.

1. What keywords come to your mind to search about that topic?

2. Do you keep concentrate only to keyword or you would like to use phrases too?

3. Try out the possible keyword combination in your phrases to search the topic?

4. Try out using some synonyms as search engines are smart enough to track the synonyms and return you the most relevant search.

5. Browse for your competitor’s blogs and websites to checkout how they are re-presenting the same product in a new way?

6. Think about the common term used by the common people for the product or topic apart from the technical terms used in your trade because people often use non trade names for many things.

This analysis will help you to get the probable keywords that your potential blog visitor will like to search. The presence of those keywords in your blog will serve as entry point for your visitors through Google and other search engines. Thus increases the chances of Search engine ranking and visibility of your blog.

Keyword selection for new and unique product.

If you are trying to write in your blog or website about something new without any brand name associated with it and which has not yet been published before neither there is any keyword set for that till date, then how would you help the product or concept, issue to get popular among public because at initial stage no one would be searching for it till they accidentally come to your web-page and get know about that. Now at this stage a little strategies implementation of general knowledge will help to create keyword for that. Let me show you how?

Every issue, product or concept is directly or indirectly associated with atleast one of the physical things or human demand or something. So try to insert the keywords related to that. But don’t try to stuff the content with with keywords, otherwise you will be penalize by Google and ignored by blog visitors. Creating quality content with those keyword with which the product or issue is associated with will help people to come across your new product while they will be searching for their common things.

How to increase your blog visibility in Search Engines?

Every blogger expect their blogs to get maximum visibility. But they often make a common mistake resulting in less or no visibility in search engines. The mistake is less number of content on a certain topic. To get more and more visible in search engines you have to create more number of content on the same topic showing different aspects of it. This helps increasing the keyword density in your blog that serves as entry points for your potential visitors to your blogs through search engines. Hope these tips will help you to increase the blog visibility and ranking in Search Engines.