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Night Court Revival Star Explains How TBBT Affected Her Sitcom Transition

by Jeremy Sanders

As the highly-anticipated Night Court revival nears its debut, star Melissa Rauch is opening up about the influence that her previous sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, had on her transition to the classic legal comedy.

Rauch joined the cast of The Big Bang Theory in the show’s third season as Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, quickly becoming a fan favorite and playing a central role in the show’s success. After a successful run on TBBT, Rauch was approached to star in the revival of Night Court, a beloved 80s sitcom about the quirky judges, lawyers, and clerks working in a New York City night court.

Rauch admits that she was initially hesitant to take on the lead role in Night Court, as she was concerned about the expectations that would come with filling the shoes of a classic character. However, she credits her time on TBBT with giving her the confidence to embrace the challenge.

“Working on The Big Bang Theory was such an incredible experience,” Rauch says. “I was surrounded by some of the most talented actors and comedians in the business, and they taught me so much about comedic timing and delivery. I learned so much about how to approach a character and make them my own, and I felt like I was really able to stretch my comedic muscles.”

The actress adds that the support of her TBBT co-stars was also crucial in helping her feel comfortable in taking on the role in Night Court. “I was really lucky to have a tight-knit group of friends on the set of The Big Bang Theory, and they were all really supportive of me when I told them about the Night Court revival. They encouraged me to go for it and reminded me that I had the skills and talent to make the character my own.”

In the Night Court revival, Rauch plays the role of the newly appointed judge, Abby Stone, who takes over the night court from the iconic Harry Stone, played by the late Harry Anderson. Despite the pressure of stepping into such a beloved role, Rauch says that she was inspired by the original Night Court cast and their ability to bring the humor and heart to their characters.

“The original Night Court cast was truly a comedic dream team, and their chemistry was palpable on-screen,” Rauch says. “I wanted to honor their legacy by bringing my own unique perspective to the character of Abby, but also paying homage to what made the original Night Court so special.”

Rauch adds that she was also influenced by Anderson’s performance as Harry Stone, saying that his humor and timing was truly one-of-a-kind. “I watch Harry Anderson’s performance on the original Night Court, and I am in awe of his comedic genius,” Rauch says. “He brought so much heart and soul to the character, and I wanted to honor that in my own performance.”

Overall, Rauch says that she is thrilled to be a part of the Night Court revival and is excited to bring the show to a new generation of fans. “I think that the world could use a little bit more humor right now, and I think that Night Court is the perfect show to deliver that,” she says. “I am honored to be a part of this revival and I can’t wait for audiences to see what we have in store for them.”

The Night Court revival is set to debut on ABC in the coming months, and fans are already buzzing with excitement about the return of one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time.

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