Blogger should have Patience. Why?

Patience and Bloggers

The three characteristic that anyone should have to be a successful blogger is patience, patience and patience. Do you know why? The answer is very simple. This is the only thing that about 90% of all the bloggers lack and ends up their blogging career with an interesting misconception that they are not inborn bloggers, so they can't get success in blogging.

Let me show you an example - Just look around the whole web through any keyword you are searching for. Right now while I am writing this blog post, I have done a little research about a very popular keyword "BLOG" , of course this keyword belongs to my niche too that's why emphasizing on it. The search result is amazing. Guess what right at this moment - it is 2,690,000,000. So, what's new in that.

Relation between 2,690,000,000 and Patience

There is a close relation between this figure 2,690,000,000 and patience. Let me confess first that I have also gone through this stage at my initial stage when I hardly had any patience for being a successful blogger but thanks to one of my dearest friends who was there behind me for my today's success as a blogger. So, what do you think about this figure? Is that much websites and blogs really have all the important informations regarding the keyword "BLOG". The answer is obviously not.

Below is the list of the types that you can divide the current search into

1. The top results from organic search are really best information blogs to follow.

2. As you proceed through the inner search pages you will find many of them have only few pages of informations that had been updated at their early stages.

3. Lots of them have been uploaded where you will get instances of plagiarism.

4. Lots more are nothing but copied matters from another blogs/ websites.

5. Proceeding still further will help you to find many blog sites with only domain names and nothing information inside.

6. Even you will get even more and more blogs that you can categorized in other several types.

7. The worst among them is that few best bloggers started their blogs with best orignal content has left blogging midway.

So, why it is so. The answer is again the same "Lack of patience in bloggers". Most of the bloggers have either lost interest midway blogging, or have no time to research themselves over the topic they are blogging about, so they either copy it from other sites or use plagiarism technique to republish the other's content with slight changes made here and there. The only thing they all have common in them is that they have lack of patience in them. You should remember one thing that patience should be with you since you have decided to start your first blog on the net and should be with you through out your life. Its important for blogging.

Why this patience is so much required through blogging career?

This is really a best asked question among all the questions that only 10% of today's successful bloggers might have asked themselves or to some experienced bloggers. The fact is that blogging can be divided into several steps since you have decided to start a blog. About 90% of unsuccessful bloggers use to start their blogging career no sooner they hear that they too can publish their own views in front of whole world or some of his friend or someone is making thousands of bucks every month by blogging even for free. The basic thing about start blogging is that you need to hold on your temptation with patience to follow through all the steps. When you are not giving yourself enough time to decide over various aspects before starting something, the obvious result will be nothing other than failure. No one had achieved success in any field just by trying jumping from one step to another escaping some steps in between and you too are not an exception of this general rule.

Blogging needs patience. Explained!

Check out the list of steps to know why Blogging and patience has deep relations.

1. Patience while taking first decision to start Blogging. - It is very important to hold on your temptation to start blogging as soon as you have heard something about it. Your patience will help you here. You should first start asking yourself "Why you are about to start blogging? What would be your blog about? Do you have learned about blogging? Do you have any earlier experience about blogging? There might be few more questions that you should answer yourself before start blogging.

2. Patience while selecting a Blogging niche. - Some bloggers just start blogging about anything as soon as they think of starting a blog. The result is very obvious is certain failure in sense of blog popularity, continued blogging, making money from blogs and other aspects of blogging. The all you have to do is finding a suitable niche that interest you otherwise you will soon end up with blog contents in your mind. Just ask yourself "What you are searching most of the time in search engines". The topic or keywords upon which you mostly search upon over net is probably the niche or topic that interests you most and you have much grab over the subject to write about without pondering for matters to write about. Of course, if you are blogging for money then you should consider few other aspect of the niche you have selected, such as whether there are sponsors to help you monetizing your blog over this niche or not. If the answer is no, then you have to expand your range of the niche to a broader view in your area of interest.

3. Patience after selection of Blog niche. - Once you have selected a proper niche in the area of your interest, you may start writing the first content for your blog. But it is better to gather a little more experience from those who have already blogged over the niche you have selected. Just go for reading through few popular blogs in the area of your niche, not to copy their matters but to have an idea about how they have served their contents to readers. This is necessary because these bloggers have already learned from their experience what how they should serve to their readers to make their blogs popular. So, will get a clear idea about that from experienced bloggers without having to waste time on your own content creating what the readers does not want to read. It will help you saving your time in giving your best effort from the beginning.

4. Patience for getting Blog popularity. - Blog popularity has a far deeper relation with patience. Popularity never gets achieved in days. It takes time that you have to wait with patience and of course with consistency of blogging. You have to develop credibility for that with your content. The content should be your orignal creation with something that people would really get benefited from. This will increase the reader's faith upon your content over period of time and obviously they would inturn refer others towards your blog which gradually increase the popularity of your blog.

5. Patience for earning money from Blogging. - Making money from blog has become a successful way for survival money these days. But this success has got limited to only few percentage among total bloggers and webmasters who are trying to make money from their blogs and their website. So, what's the reason for such a huge failure? Unfortunately the answer is again lack of patience for learning the correct way of monetizing the blogs or website. Either bloggers adopt the illegal ways by clicking on their self ads to make money or get themselves engaged in click exchange communities or start spamming and ultimately get banned from making money. The better way to make genuine money is just to go through all the available resources to gather knowledge about what are the legitimate way of making money from blogs or websites. Engage your time in creating really helpful contents with holding patience for earning money.

So, patience and blogging have to get integrated with each other to achieve success in blogging or make a living from blogging.