Selecting a niche topic for blog

How to select right blog niche topic to start blogging.

"What Blog niche or What Blog topic should I start with" is the first question that any blogger worried about before starting a blog. Even an experienced blogger never get spared of this worry while starting a new blog, so the newbie bloggers really face a hard task to do about this selection. This worry also makes a sense as there are many questions that a blogger has to answer themselves to get this task solved. World Wide Web is really getting cluttered where even an experienced blogger get puzzled while selecting a suitable niche for starting a new blog, so do the newbie as it seems that there are no niches left about to begin with, all the niches has already been chosen by millions of early bloggers, but there comes a time when you have to make a firm decision and start blogging. So, do it now. To start with you should follow few guidelines about how you can select ideal blog niche for yourself.

Find your area of interest.

To find a ideal niche for you, it is wise to start with your own self. Just start listing about what interest you most on the web or what are the subjects of your interest. It may be anything starting from foods you like, fashion, books you like to read, your hobbies, movies, internet browsing, education, computer knowledge or whatever it may be. Though it seems a little awkward to start blogging with your own interest but it might be tempting to start blog with subjects that interest you but it makes little or no sense to start blogging with a topic that others are interested about or topics having commercial importance because you will soon loose the temptation of writing and ends up with an unsuccessful blogging career.

Even the readers are smart enough to quickly recognize whether you are passionate about your blog or not. It need no expertise to recognize as your blog content are passionless and are almost dry. Your blogs will not tend to grow and no one will like to comeback to your blog again as no one would really like to read something which the author doesn't believe about.

Check out what others are neglecting.

The internet has already become such a cluttered place where it seems that every single available topics has been covered earlier by early bloggers. Most of the new bloggers gets frustrated by this fact but there is no reason to get so much depressed for that. You have to believe that "There is always a ray of hope behind every closed door". Similarly there are still lot more niche remains there that missed this competition on the web. The all you need is to start searching little wisely. There is a little way to do this. First select the niche that interests you most. Then start doing the following:

1. Assume that you already have a blog over that niche. Now start searching in Google search engine all possible keywords that which you would like others to type to search your own blog. Here is what you are waiting for. Checkout the right hand top of the search result, you will find the number of blogs and websites available for that niche keyword. Search Result for Niche Keyword. Now you can trace out which niche has less competition from this result.

2. The another way you can do is go through This is the largest online directory available. You can find there all types of niches and sub niches available online. The first step is to sort out the category area of your interest and click on that category. Remember that though the main category is a best option to start with but it always has tough competition. If you have setup your mind to start with the primary category niche then believe me that your blog would really get lost in the hundreds of millions of already established blogs and websites and you would end up soon in frustration. So, the better option would be to dig a little more into the sub and sub-sub categories. There you will get relatively more and more advantage with digging down. The reason being that most people starts with the same mind set logic to get popular overnight with the superficial primary niche ignoring the niche topics having relatively lower and lowest competitions. But it does not meant that people are not searching informations about sub topics. Instead people are always interested to learn about every aspect of a particular niche but unfortunately the informations are either not available there or very less in number and low in quality. So, you can pick up this opportunity to set-up your own credibility without any tough competition to get noticed to a vast majority of readers.

The demand of the niche.

People have various mindset while starting a blog, so the reason for blogging also differs. The three main type of them are blogging for money, blogging for getting popularity, personal blogging. Now if you are blogging as personal blogger so you need not to care anything about selecting niche. You can start with whatever you like to write. But the cases are not the same for the remaining category of bloggers, especially for the above mentioned two types of blogger. Though I have inspired you a little ago to start with the niche that you are mostly interested about but I would also like to share you a truth about it. There exists an eternal truth about supplier and receiver. The demand and supply rules always exists in the market. You have to think over whether the product you are supplying is in demand in the market or not. Whether you are blogging for money or popularity, you are playing a role as a supplier and the visitors of your blogs are your customers in this online market. So, think twice before production because if your product really has no demand then neither you are going to earn a single penny nor you are getting any popularity.

So, how to deal with this problem?

The solution is a bit easy. Since you are blogging for worldwide readership, so you don't have to bother that much as much you have started right now. Even a little amount of this whole readership will serve your purpose. You have to just start believing that its about a whole world. So, atleast few millions of people must be there in this WWW, who bears same interest like you. That's enough for you to start blogging. Just start searching over various topics online. There must be one which you are passionate about. Now select that niche and go through the above mentioned process of determining which sub niche or topic has less competition to start with.

Is the niche or topic growing or shrinking.

The popularity of topics grow and decline with time. So, before selecting the niche for your blog you should do a little research whether the topic is growing or shrinking. Though predicting this is not as much simple as I have wrote down, but you have to think twice on the issue that within the next 6 to 12 months what the people on the web will be start searching for. The best way is to keep an eye on the newspaper, TV, popular public magazines, conversation with friends and family along with web to guess the coming public trend. If you would be first to guess the future public trend, then no doubt you are going to see your own blog at the top of all other search result.

The best way to understand the reader's mindset.

Go to social bookmarking and social networking websites like,, Check out the most popular topics present there. You may be able to guess the future popular trend from that. But remember one thing that the popularity of any topic or website can't be estimated correctly on some of those sites as I believe that most of the members works on the mutual click and visit basis. But you are definitely going to get a wide range ideas about selecting a proper niche for you there.

Looking at the income streams of the Niche.

Now when you have decided about the niche for your blog, you have to wait a little more if you are blogging for money to think over another most vital aspect of blogging. You have to consider into account that whether the topic or niche you have chosen for blogging does actually have any potential for earning or not. The blog earning comes either from contextual ads, text ads or any affiliate program. So, before starting a blog you should be sure that the niche or topic should have advertisers to put their advertisements through contextual advertising services like Google Adsense, YPN or text link advertisers. You should also check out whether there exists any affiliate marketing sites on this particular niche to increase your earning potential by becoming the member of those websites.

The important thing about yourself to care before finalizing a niche.

There is one key feature that most unsuccessful blogger lack in them is that they don't have the ability to come up with refreshing contents for long period of time. Consequently their blogs lack freshness or fresh informations that most of the readers are searching for to rejuvenate their curious mind. This is the cause which is enough for killing a blog readership. Since a blog is a online journal, people expects a blog to get refresh with new contents very often. If a blog remains dead for pretty few days, the readers will avoid coming up on it again, thus loosing readership. So, before starting a blog, answer yourself a few questions.

1. Does the selected niche has much scope to come up with different topics at different level?

2. As an author, do you have enough content to come up?

3. Do you have enough passion to constantly expanding your niche as per reader's demand or you have mind set to just create a few pages of blog for earning only.

4. Do you have access to enough sources to gather inspiration for new contents?

True fact to be considered for blogging Niche

While its time to select a blog niche for you after getting so much informations about how to select a niche for your blog, but its worth to inform you people that while it would be great to find a perfect blogging niche with less competition and massive demand but the real ground has bit different experience to share with. There exists no perfect blogging niche. Every niche has atleast one to few drawbacks or weakness with them. So, instead of letting this to get you down its better to find strategies to overcome them.