Quality content without blog promotion yield less for new blogs

Quality content is the most ever demanding issue of online world. "Content is the king". Is it really so for all blogs and websites?

The answer is quite common and obvious, it is yes - The content is the king for all. But if you are a new blogger or website owner then you may get confused soon from the results yield after giving your hard time to create best content. Guess why?

Here is the answer:

Though the above proverb may have motivated you to dedicate your full time devotion for creating quality contents but your expectation to achieve your blog popularity soon, may not get fulfilled. The reason is quite simple. It does makes sense that "a king alone can never win any battle".

So, how to achieve blog popularity?

The first thing to achieve blog popularity is of-course your quality content but the second most important thing to achieve it is blog promotion. if your blog or website is new, you can no-way avoid blog promotion and keep concentrating on creation of quality blog content. Let me explain a bit about these two in detail.

Importance of Quality content

The online world is constantly being over-flooded with contents of various types. Most of them are non-qualitative, copied, plagiarised or nothing but the non-logical links without content. But the result of this over flood yields nothing but frustration among net users when they are in search of quality content from blogs or websites. This seems that about 50% of web content is nothing but repetition or exact copy of some already said or existing websites and blogs.

So, do you expect that if your blog or website is one of them then your visitor would like to spend more than 5 seconds on your page. The obvious answer is no. The logic again is very simple, they have already read it some where and no one would like to waste their time. The only remedy is be orignal, try to be unique, be friendly while writing, write as if you are talking to someone sitting in front of you. If you don't know yet how to write orignal unique quality content for your blog, then its time to learn about "how to write orignal and quality content".

Importance of blog promotion

Blog promotion or site promotion is another integral secret of any blog or website popularity. As I have said earlier that "a king alone can never win any battle" the king always needs soldiers to win it. Infact before pointing my fingures to someone, I would again like to confess a mistake I often use to make in my early days of blogging, that was just keep on concentrating about creating quality blog content but I had never bothered about blog promotion. The consequences was nothing but frustrating, though many of my blog pages of my other blog sites were appearing at 1st page of search result for certain keywords but often with very much less visitors.

So, it is very much clear that promotion is the thing that you can't ignore. This again can be understand from very simple loigc and real world example. Every company have to promote their product to get it reach to their potential customers irrespective of the quality of their products. The more and effective the promotion campaign, the better the chances for getting potential customers. Of-course the product with quality stays in the market. Thus we can say that both quality content and effective promotion is very much needed to achieve blog popularity. Alone of them can not have the ability to win the whole battle.

Facts about older blogs or websites

But things are a bit different for old blogs which have already gathered popularity and loyal readers. Though promotion is still most effective tool for them yet they does not need viral promotion of their blog or site content at this stage. Their readers already have subscribed to those blogs through e-mail, readers, mobile alerts etc. The old blogs or websites have the adtantage of getting promoted by their loyal readers who advocate these sites to their near and dear ones as they themselves got benefitted from the content of those blogs or websites.