Increase visitors or traffic on blog by comment posting

Increasing traffic or visitor to our blog or website is one of the prime concern for every blogger or webmaster and SEO experts. Lots of off page SEO tips and promotion strategies are available on net about "how to increase traffic to your blog / websiteā€¯ but there is often something left ot often talked little about how comment posting can drastically increase traffic to your own site.

Comment posting is one of the major technique to attract or increase visitor / traffic to our blog. Successful bloggers never ignore promotion through comment posting. It is always a better decision to post your comment among first 5 commentators. Remember that only good comment works, spam commenting only have more and more negative impact on your blog, so why kill your own blog in attempt to give life to it.

How Comment posting increase traffic to your blog?

Comment posting form on any blog or website always have a form where it needs your name to display along with your website/ blog url and email id. So, do fill-up these form properly and post a relevant good comment on the blog related to your niche. Every blog has new and loyal returning visitors or traffic who come on the page to read the post written by the publisher. When they sum-up the whole post, they often look around for the comment section either to post their own views or to check out what others hae to say about the blog they have just read.

Here the traffic game begins. Visitors always like to read something important or interesting. If at a glance they found your comment interesting then your comment automatically creates an impression about you and your blog in the visitor's mind. This time they often try to access your blog and click on the displayed name on your comment which contains the embedded link to your blog, thus bring quality traffic to your blog.

Where to post comment?

You should post your comment on other's blog and website inviting comment, but do it on the blogs or sites related to your niche. This has two way advantage on your website / blog.

- The blog or website related to your niche brings the quality traffic to your blog as these visitors are always keep searching for subject on the content you are publishing thus gives better promotion and advertisement click conversion ratio.

- Many comment have do-follow tags attached with them and Search engines can track your site link on that blog consider it as a back link from that blog, gives an extra weight age to your blog in acquiring Google Page Rank.

Good comment and comment spamming.

Some bloggers and webmasters have revealed the power of comment posting in bringing traffic to blog, but they have read the half story of comment posting and start comment spamming.

- Comment spamming - Most of the bloggers try to spread links of their blogs and websites through comment spamming to bring traffic to blogs or sites of Vigra, or posting only URL of lots of blogs or websites are mot common type of comment spam. Other types of comment spam includes 2 or 3 words or one line comments like , "great job, you are doing well, i agree, nice post, keep posting etc. You should keep yourself away from such things as these do nothing good to bring traffic to your blog as publishers mostly does not publish such comments, even if some of them get publish- no visitor would like to take interest on your comment and hence no traffic to your blog.

- Good comments - Good comments are those which participate in active discussion about their views through comment, interactive suggestions or telling facts or pointing to some other related issues comparing with the present content. Good comments are not lengthy but to the point and attract other commenters and visitors to participate in the discussion through the comment. As a result the other commenters will take interest in your profile and most of them will click on your displayed name to visit your blog too. Thus positive and good comment brings traffic to your blog.